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Are you recovering from injury, training for an ultra-marathon, or just hoping to finish your morning run without routine knee pain?  Hand and Ortho’s team specializes in addressing the varied needs of all types of runners.  Our Running Lab pinpoints the mechanics of your run, then provides specific training guidelines to help you run longer and stronger.     

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How it works

The Running Lab’s innovative tool is the Helix3D.  Helix3D captures a moving picture of the major structures and movements of your run.  Three cameras and multiple body sensors create a 3D image of your body in motion. These calculated data points provide the Running Lab team with specific information about how to improve your running experience.  In a single capture, Helix3D identifies movement and stability limitations.  Multiple captures give our team dynamic information about how the forces involved in running impact your body.

The data collected about your movement builds the framework for a highly tailored plan for you.  This specialized plan will help you overcome any identified incapacities and maximize your strengths.  Our experienced team can improve the way you run.

Ready to run stronger and longer?

For Established Patients: Levels 1 and 2

LEVEL 1: $149


  • Single capture of running analysis and a printed out plan with exercises/drills that will help them to change their running form.

LEVEL 2: $229


  • Runner Readiness Assessment to identify current movement/stability limitations. You will be given a plan with exercises to address the findings of the runner readiness assessment
  • Loading Levels Assessment used to identify current tissue loading capacity as it relates to running. They will be given a plan with exercises to address these findings.
  • 2-3 running assessment captures within the same visit. We will capture your gait and show you what needs to change. After discussion, we will capture your gait again and give you live feedback in order to make changes. This will also include a home program with exercises/drills pertinent to your running category.
  • Online access to all of your personalized workouts (from the above assessments) including a digital calendar to help you stay on top of your progress.

For New Patients:

Level 3: $329

  • Evaluation thoroughly detailing your strength and range of motion provided by a Physical Therapist (PT) who specializes in caring for runners.
  • Consultation with the PT about your goals and current physical obstacles.
  • Multiple captures using Helix3D to measure movement and stability. We also measure how your body responds to and manages the forces involved in running. Feedback is provided between captures—our specialists help you make changes in real time as you are running.
  • A tailored plan printed with exercises and drills to improve form and prevent injury. You also receive online access to personalized workouts specific to your needs. You will stay on top of your progress with a digital calendar complete with reminders.
  • Follow up appointment to complete an additional Helix3D capture to assess progress.
  • Includes two visits.

RUNNING TEAM– Groups of 8 or more – PRICE: $69.00 PER RUNNER

Running Lab offers a discounted rate for a simplified experience for groups of 8 or more.

  • Single capture using Helix3D to measure movement and stability.
  • A tailored plan for each runner with exercises and drills to improve form and prevent injury.
  • Includes a single visit for the group.

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Meet your RUNNING LAB Physical Therapist

Matt Gubler 

  • Certified Running Gait Analyst
  • Certified Athletic Trainer
  • Certified in Dry Needling
  • ASTYM Certified

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