On-line Appointments/Telehealth 

At Hand & Ortho we recognize that the aches, pains, and functional limitations you had prior to COVID-19 are still there. We are here for you and are able to provide treatment and guidance through technology.

Our therapists can communicate with you through video-chat, telephone, email, or other means. Therapist-patient digital communication is known as Telehealth. We can assess your problems and prescribe and demonstrate specific activities that you can perform in the convenience of your own home.

What is Telehealth in Physical Therapy?

Therapists can evaluate patients, take accurate measurements, observe specific movements and guide patients through specific tests via video-chat, still-photos and screenshots. Therapists can also provide follow-up care with Telehealth to reassess motion, posture, gait, etc, and provide/modify/progress home exercise/strengthening/stretching programs to help patients get Back to Health . . . Back to Life.

Contact your Therapist to Schedule a Telehealth Visit

If you are interested in scheduling a Telehealth visit or are concerned about the risk of exposure at our clinics, please contact your therapist to inquire about setting up a Telehealth visit.

Advantages of Telehealth Visit

  • Maintains privacy– receive therapy in the privacy of your home or any location.
  • One on One Consultation– consult with a therapist without leaving your home.

Things You Need to Know

  • Insurance– check your insurance plan to see if you have Telehealth benefits. If co-pays or co-insurance are required, payment is due at the time of service. Calling our business office prior to a Telehealth visit is recommended in order to determine your financial responsibility.
  • Telehealth Devices– in order to schedule a Telehealth visit, a smartphone, tablet, ipad or computer with a webcam is needed. Talk to your providers.
  •  Physical Contact– manual physical therapy (joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, augmented soft tissue techniques, etc) can’t be provided.

Consider Telehealth Physical Therapy as an option during this challenging time of COVID-19 and as a useful tool to supplement traditional in-clinic care in the future.