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#15 – Athlete Achieves Success After a Frustrating Injury

Jayden pitching at his baseball game

A little background on the story of my injury: My junior year of high school, during football season, I suffered a significantly serious injury on my pelvis that took away half of my junior and senior year in sports. I went to some of the best doctors in the valley and they were unable to identify what exactly was injured and how to fix it. After a lot of grief and frustration, I was recommended to visit with Steve and his staff. I had little hope that they would be able to identify the problem, and even smaller hope that they could cure it. However, after visiting with Steve for an hour or so, he found the direct problem that had been plaguing me for the last year and a half. I met with the staff 4 times after this initial meeting, and by the last meeting I felt as strong and physically healthy as I had ever been. Because of Steve and his staff, I found hope at last that my career in sports may not be over after all. I recovered in time to be able to start the final game of my senior year in football, a cherished moment that I will never forget. I owe so much to the staff that I met during my time at physical therapy. They are incredibly genuine and friendly people, and I would strongly recommend them to anyone struggling with an injury of any kind. -Jayden Zundel

UPDATE (3.1.15) – Just wanted to give you a quick update on Jayden’s progress. Not only did he recover and play in high school, but he is now playing on the Utah State University Baseball team and doing very well.    He’s as strong as he’s ever been. Thank you again to Steve and all of you at Hand & Ortho. – Clint Zundel

Murray, Utah