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#109 – After Three Years of Not Being Able to Play Piano, I Am Back as a Piano Major Preparing My Junior and Senior Recital

I’ve been playing the piano since I was six years old. By the end of high school, it was my dream to major in piano performance. After my first year in college, both my arms started hurting more and more to the point where I couldn’t practice, let alone play. I went to multiple doctors who couldn’t help until it reached a point where I never thought I would be able to play again. After three years of not being able to play, I was told by another pianist to go and see Seth. I decided to give physical therapy a try, but at this point I thought nothing would work. I’m so glad I was wrong! After seeing Seth, I am able to practice the piano more and more! It is still a lot of work (keeping up with exercises and such), but I am back in my major and planning my junior and senior recital. Thank you so much Seth!- Elizabeth Smith

Draper, UT